Dvd - Salsa Cuban Moves

€ 25,00

20 intermediate and advanced cuban style combinations

 by Dorota and Peter Fige

We demonstrate 20 Cuban Style Partnerwork combinations starting from intermediate ending almost at impossible. They are all leadable and they are all comfortable to you and your partner.

We break down every combination in unprecedented detail: we show you the difficult parts from different angles, we show you intricate changes in hand positions and how you should change your body positions to make the even craziest combinations work. The figures are challenging, but we show you how to get through them with ease, and how to make them comfortable, so that your lady can dance gracefully and have fun.

We also provide you with general leading and following tips on how to make your Cuban Style dancing more fluent and effortless. Also included is an improvisation pattern: we demonstrate short moves you can freely combine to create an flowing and smooth pattern you can use when thinking about your next crazy move.

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